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Fr. Thadeus Hembrom, CSC


It is my profound honor and immense pleasure to welcome all at the renowned institute of Notre Dame College Mymensingh in the City of Education, Mymensingh. 

Notre Dame College Mymensingh started in 2014 with 700 students in three sections; Science, Humanities, and Business Studies under the leadership of our late Founder Principal Fr. Bakul Stanislaus Rozario, CSC. The College is run by the Holy Cross Priests Society of Bangladesh those who have dedicated their lives to provide quality education in and outside the country. Since its inception, our college is playing a vital role in the education sector as a whole in this country. 

One of the purposes of establishing this institute is to provide excellent education to supplement the education sector of the nation by generating healthier educated students. Our College campus is established in such a way that students will feel comfortable, enjoyable, and inspire to study here. We have specious multimedia classrooms, excellent Lab rooms, a huge library, playgrounds, and 24 hours power services. During this pandemic period, our college continued classes using appropriate technologies like; YouTube and Zoom classes to keep students busy with their schooling. Through Zoom classes we took exams and lab classes so that we can deliver their required education and enable students to do good results in the board exams. 

A well-educated person is inevitable for building society and nation. However, education does not mean gaining only certificates but developing wisdom, experiences, good human behavior, habits, traits, and attitude which helps a person to lead a fruitful life. Famous Quotes of Aristotle is “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom “. We also try to do that through our education programs for our students, so that they can know themselves first and then acquire wisdom accordingly. 

We aim to make our students excel in education and be good human persons. Therefore, our key focus is to teach students good discipline, character building, provide proper and quality education, impart ethics, develop moral values, and assist to explore their inherent qualities of physical, mental, social, and spiritual through classroom education, lab classes, weekly quiz exams, games & sports as well as through co-curricular activities. If they can go through these exercises successfully then definitely we will be able to make them good persons and quality citizens, which means, they will be future good leaders of this nation. 

Apart from the academic office staff and Teachers, we have Student Directors and Counselors who are fully dedicated in taking care of the students very honestly and sincerely during classes and office days, for the total well-being of the students.  

We have established a good system to connect with the parents of each student to update them about their child’s improvements and lacking in terms of class attendance, exam results, lab classes, and other education-related issues. This is an effort of tri-partners so that we can work together to achieve our goals and purposes efficiently and effectively. The College alone cannot do much if parents do not co-operate with us.  

We expect that students who come to our college will finally do excellent results in the board exams, gain expected knowledge, and be well prepared for higher studies, better employment later in practical life. We the members of the faculty, administration, and staff of the college are pleased to have this opportunity to serve our students, society, and the nation.