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আগামী ০৯ জানুয়ারি ২০২২ খ্রি:, দুপুর ১২:৩০ ঘটিকায় কোভিড-১৯ ২য় ডোজ টিকা প্রদান করা হবে। ১ম ডোজ গ্রহণকারী এইচএসসি-২০২১ পরীক্ষার্থীদের জন্ম নিবন্ধন ফটোকপি ১ কপি, এইচএসসি রেজিস্ট্রেশন কার্ড ফটোকপি ১ কপি এবং টিকা কার্ড সাথে নিয়ে ময়মনসিংহ মহিলা ডিগ্রী কলেজে উপস্থিত থাকতে বলা হচ্ছে। টিকা কার্ডের নমুনা কপি এবং বিস্তারিত নোটিস ওয়েবসাইটের নোটিস সেকশনে আপলোড করা হয়েছে।     নটর ডেম কলেজ ময়মনসিংহ-এ অনলাইন ভর্তি আবেদন আগামী ০৮ জানুয়ারি ২০২২ খ্রিস্টাব্দ হতে শুরু হতে যাচ্ছে। ভর্তির ন্যূনতম যোগ্যতা বিজ্ঞান ৪.৫০, মানবিক ৩.০০, ব্যবসায় শিক্ষা ৩.০০ এবং বিজ্ঞান হতে মানবিক ও ব্যবসায় শিক্ষা ৪.৫০। কলেজ EIIN: 137031    

Principal's Speech

Dear Visitors

I offer hearty greetings from Notre Dame College Mymensingh!  It is my joy to announce that this new college has opened this website,  By means of this website we wish to introduce the college to new visitors, and to provide students, guardians and all others who visit with up-to-date information about the college.

“Notre Dame” is a very well known name among colleges in Bangladesh.  Since 1949 Notre Dame College in Dhaka has provided excellent education and guidance to its students, making a very valuable contribution to the society and country.  Recently Notre Dame College Mymensingh has been established in order to offer in Mymensingh guidance based on the same purposes, procedures, values and ideals that have led the college in Dhaka so successfully. 

Many people ask about the origin of Notre Dame College Mymensingh, whether it is branch of the college in Dhaka, or if some new college simply chose to use the same name as that famous college. It is neither of these, but it is an independent institute.  But when Bishop Paul Ponen Kubi, csc, resolved to start a college in his Diocese of Mymensingh, he took his plea to the Holy Cross Fathers to start a new college in Mymensingh.  He told that he wants a college like the one they so successfully administer in Dhaka, with the same ideals, same discipline and same concern for the students, society and nation.  The Fathers made great effort, got cooperation from many sincere persons who could understand the benefit it would offer to the society, the college was established and given the name “Notre Dame College Mymensingh”..

The Holy Cross fathers, brothers and sisters are very well-known in Bangladesh.  They first came to East Bengal in 1853, and for more than 160 years have offered their guidance and service.  They give strong emphasis on education, in order to motivate and enable persons to become self sufficient.   The Holy Cross brothers and sisters established several high schools which have become well known for their excellence, and in 1949 the fathers established Notre Dame College, Dhaka. The college became very famous for its education, discipline, good results and emphasis on values and character building. Every year many thousands of students from all over the country apply for admission, but the college is able to accommodate only a very limited number of them.  And more than a third of those who get admitted are from outside Dhaka.  With great difficulty families arrange for their sons to stay in Dhaka in order to attend the college.   This new college in Mymensingh is an effort to provide the same type of education outside Dhaka.  We want to offer the same standards, and get comparable results.  But for this to happen the students must realize that most of their success will depend on their own motivation and determination to make full use of the opportunities they get here.

Notre Dame College Mymensingh started in 2014 with 700 students getting admitted. The following year 900 students got enrolled into first year, and again the third first year batch has 900 students.  There are sections in Science, Arts and Business Studies. The labs are well arranged, as are the library, canteen and fine sports fields. It is a very suitable environment place for students to seriously pursue education and social development. Students are taught here with intensive care. The rules and discipline are like those at Notre Dame College, Dhaka. Each week they appear twice for tests, called quizzes, practical classes are held each week and lab reports submitted in each subject in which they apply. During the first two years there were residential problems for those students who come from various corners of the country. But now there are many hostels which have been built in the city and around the college. Two buses are provided to bring from the city students of this college. Some more facilities are provided which help give students a chance to study well, build their future and become good citizens.

We expect that students of this college will get good exam results, gain good preparation for higher studies, employment and later life, and the college will develop traditions that will guide it each year. We members of the faculty, administration and staff of the college are proud to have this opportunity to serve our students, and society and nation.  

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Fr. George Kamal Rozario, csc, 




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