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Md. Mahamudul Hasan


Lecturer in English

Md. Ataur Rahman Asif


Lecturer in English


English Language & Research Club

Slogan: Acquiring is more spontenious process than learning English.


Our club is working for the development of communication to make our club members communicatively competent. Our activities cover the areas of helping students to achieve expected score in IELTS, inspiring Article writing, developing spoken English, providing ABC knowledge of English Literature, giving ideas on Phonetics & Phonology, sharing ideas on ELT/SLA, preparing skilled Debaters, researching on critical grammar, giving proper suggestion for university admission, enriching communicative competence, arranging excursions, encouraging to participate in social welfare related activities.


 Aim & Motiv:

The main objective of ELRC is to create a recreational and consolidating opportunity for students to learn and practice English. Thus, it tries to give vent to students' creative talents. It also provides encouraging atmosphere for Students to express personal views about whatever they choose.


Annual Activities:

Helping students to achieve expected score in IELTS                     

Inspiring Article writing

Developing spoken English

Providing ABC Knowledge of English Literature

Giving ideas on Phonetics & Phonology

Sharing ideas on ELT/SLA

Preparing skilled Debaters

Research on critical grammar

Giving proper suggestion for university admission

Enriching communicative competence

Arranging excursions

Encouraging to participate in social welfare related activities



Arranging First “Notre Dame English carnival 2018” – is our great achievement. For the first time, in the history of Mymensingh division, we have organized such kind of English competition to abate the fear of English from the students mind and encourage them to be the leaders of tomorrow. As part of our regular visit to nature, we have visited some historical place of our country such as Cox's bazar, Bandarban, Nilachaol, Nilgiri, Fantasy kingdom, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Shajalal's Mazar etc. Those were really amazing trips where students and teachers got an opportunity to come close to each other. Participating for the first time in "3rd National English carnival 2017" at Notre Dame College Dhaka- we achieved Runners up prize among the top most colleges of Dhaka city.

Facebook Page: http://www.elrcndcm.com/